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Tab S6 Pen Issue Fixed?

Just cut a piece of the nib off.

This issue and resolution may only work on the Samsung Tab S6, so don't do this if your tablet is still working well in any other situation!

After some time of trying to do actual work on my Samsung Tab S6, I kept struggling with the pen getting detected when being balanced horizontally on my fingers while trying to zoom in or zoom out as you do on mobile devices - with your finger tips. As a result, the tablet frequently detected the pen as if I wanted to keep drawing and doing so with my zooming fingers instead.

No suggestion online was working, and there was no option to turn this hovering detection off and have it only detect once it is on contact. So figuring it MUST be the nib getting stuck touching the sensor within, I decided to cut a piece from the end that touches the pen's sensor inside. Not a whole chunk, just a sliver - like that old Mickey Mouse episode where he was slicing a piece of the thinnest bread slice. Cutting enough off that it was just enough for it to still touch the sensor. As far as I can tell, even if it's not 100% solved, there was an immense improvement. While the pen's nib was from a new batch I bought for surface grip specifically, I'm usually apprehensive to physically do any modification to my things like this. Let's just hope it stays working as smoothly as it is now.

Now something new I found out is the the Tab S6 gestures works with apps linked to customized settings. So I can have gestures set for Clip Studio Paint not interfere with regular tablet interactions. Now time to test them! (Months later: it's trash).

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Not really. I just say fixed cuz I found the problem to the first phone I bought about a month ago, a Kyocera Rise through the Virgin...


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