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Anime & Manga are my Reference to Everything drawing. Don't take this too seriously & confuse that I'm some animé crazed fanatic. It is only referring to my beginning inspirations as an artist. Animé and manga were the only source of actual visual art I had tangible access to during middle & high school because I was poor as fuck & too young to let work. Low kilobyte manga pages through dial up internet and shoddy scanlation websites were the only way for me to improve and still very much hold that source of inspiration dearly. A medium giving a whole new meaning to visual story telling, from extremely dynamic pages to skillful storytelling with not just experienced illustrators like that of Death Note, by Obata sensei but also from humble beginnings like the creator of Mob Psycho 100, by One sensei - where while he isn't the best illustrator his charming stories captivated many. In this area of interest & hobby, it shows you that anyone can become a mangaka.

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