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Commissions, now on VGEN!

Hello, long time no posts :P It has been a stressful winter break and return, as I had to get ready to travel on a plane for my very first time! And touch snow! And eat good medium rare steak for dinner cooked by a friend! A lot of good things happened during my break, and if you would like to know more, you can ask me anytime when I stream!

VGen being an invite-only anime-centric website, I was recently able to get an invite and finally have a profile there for commissions! I will still hold commissions requests here, this is just an alternate option. Vgen makes it a point with this method of choosing artists to vet people for authenticity of their work and activity, to mitigate the chances of bots and malicious artists from entering the platform. It's also an easy way for artists to show off their work and be protected by rushing clients. Clients are also protected (if you requested it with a VGen account) by giving the right to request a refund, and VGen will handle the rest with the artist. And just like on my website a few months ago, there will also be a sale on Vgen ONLY for the first 10 people that complete the following: those who follow, review and rate me (through commission only), you'll get a 25% return discount. The return (vie Paypal) will happen until the review and rating is submitted, which is after the commission gets completed and delivered.

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