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What I've been working on

Taking me a while due to work and fatigue from it, but hopefully everything turns out well :'D Debating on changing the eye shape though... And it's taking me forever to finish the outfit... Don't know how to rig yet so that's gonna take a while too |||orz

Been debating for a while to create a model or not. I've heard rigging was a lot of work, and after seeing how many "pieces" the art file itself could have I just kind of gave up. However, it always seemed fun - or at least to avoid showing my real face but still interact with the people that watch me at all, it was still nagging at my mind to try. So here it is, the only thing left is the rest of the body below the shoulders and shading but at least the main concern of the model is done :'D For now, I'll be using a chibi version of the bigger model to learn the program and get to better understand the process before tackling the behemoth model version. It's been fun so far, albeit time consuming and sometimes frustratingly struggling with the mesh.

With trials and errors, I'll start using it on my streams and tweaking it as I go along :D Will be posting full details and behind the scenes (whatever there is) on Kofi Tiers, but if you're just interested in the release of this stay tuned by following my Twitter or Twitch! EDIT: At some point, this post was moved to trash and didn't notice it until Monday March 7th. I added a few more details while I'm preparing it for reposting,