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October mess, Winter peace

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

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Right now, it's the second time since I've started work some years ago that I'm out of work once again, the first time was due to the pandemic. October took forever to end and ended on a very sour note. However, I'll definitely be more active online once I start working again as I'm taking advantage of my free time to do other stuff ewe So I've had a lot of time now just to catch up on things and have a short productive period.


On personal time, strangely more peaceful, the most enjoyable since October has always been the busiest month of the year. This year in particular has been unnecessarily stressful due to work, so I didn't get to enjoy it as I wanted to. Hopefully I get to enjoy the New Year Holiday at least.

Before the end of the year, I want to self-study more graphic designer oriented things like UX/UI, web design, Blender or similar and animation. A lot of the jobs I was looking into related to graphic design the requirements often asked some experience with those things too (despite many of them paying minimum lmao). So I want to expand my abilities now that I'm a little more at ease with my monetary situation, at least for my basic needs.


After a year and almost two months as an admin assistant and graphic designer, I was fired right before the end of October without explanation. It was my first time working as an office employee so I felt really out of place. Later on come to learn that as nice as they were, they were too busy to teach me anything and had to somehow learn everything I need to know on my own. Which didn't really happen because I don't tend to waste my energy on things

Just under a year, an incompetent COO was hired, and after months of unfruitful or uncommunicated changes, we were all indirectly notified that we were going to be let go by the end of the year... Also him asking what I was doing through other people even when his office was adjacent to my space and never bothered turning to see what I was doing, so I'm guessing he just assumed that I never did anything. He never bothered asking me once, and I guess he took upon the decision to fire me with that. That being said, more details will be on a separate post on Patreon, albeit unreasonably priced due to how I set that up and too lazy to change the entire thing again.

Luckily, I was applying to jobs prior aforementioned events, as I was looking for a second job mainly because I never got the trust to do overtime whenever needed (even though with the amount of work that needed to get done I needed extra days to finish, not hours). Apparently, I accidentally applied to a hiring agency thinking it was the job site itself and I was hired at a national baking company, with guaranteed overtime, extra days and a dollar extra than my previous job. I heard of the place before as someone from a few jobs ago recommended it to me (bless his soul, he was not physically fit for laborious jobs anymore) and I applied with that in mind, however thinking it was like a machining, electronics factory or something similar. The hiring process has been the most tedious yet, nearly 3 days to complete due to the drug screening process and still not actually hired by this baking company either until I "complete my hours". Now with like 9hrs+ of orientation videos to go through, hopefully having applied here is worth so much effort in their part. I'm only saying it since it feels a lot like my Fedex experience, and for those who know how that situation works will know what I mean when those videos aren't what it actually is. So wish me the best in this new journey~


Haven't really been active but being in my current current guild discord and playing games mainly solo as stress from work and paying bills got prioritized. It may still continue as I'm not quite out of the woods with holidays not being paid and all that.

Started playing a new game called Cookie Run: Kingdom by recommendation of one of my guildmates and ended up really liking it (and that it is strikingly similar to Summoners War hehe). It's like what I would imagine a closed species ARPG aspect to work if it were a phone game. Stopped playing Genshin on the phone as it is old and doesn't have a lot of internal memory, in which Genshin always increases gigabytes with every update. So along with knocking out on my computer chair from work tiredness, I haven't been able to play as frequently :<

I've also tried to play Don't Starve Together with my guild and I cannot fathom why this game was so popular back in the day. It's so much about trial and error ending in more game overs than seasons passed, it's almost pointless to play if you're constantly going to the wiki to figure out what to do and not waste your time trying to progress. It's fun with a group as the countless panic episodes in call were priceless. Otherwise, no clue why anyone likes to suffer so much through this game.

I've been recently raided by a Soul Streamer! Which is good if I was actually doing something entertaining with Mabinogi XD I was doing G22 to finally get techniques and unexpectedly had 100+ people land on my stream. Low key happy and want to be happier about it but I was so unprepared that I was more nervous to play then XD


That being said, in an attempt to stay a little more positive for the holidays and get more drawing done I'll be opening up a commissions sale for sketches with a couple more options. While my regular commissions are still open, I'd like a little more flow to draw more. Hopefully me knocking out on my chair from being physically exhausted won't affect it too much 😅

I've been thinking over continuing one of my projects after years of not touching any of them. Stuck between my wannabe manga Sky Warriors and my closed species project, I'm almost leaning to my closed species simply because I only have a skeleton of Sky Warrior's story laid out which for a visual medium it's not really great a good thing when sketching out the panels. The closed species project will also help grow with practicing color as well as experimenting with other things like practicing on Blender. All I really wanna do is place it on a website for database and then upload to deviantart for people that want to participate in that closed species world. However, even with templates and details on traits and such, with how big I want to make the closed species project I figure that drawing a manga would be easier to keep track of in comparison. All I have to really do is flesh out the rest of the first part of the story and flesh out the rest later and depending on how popular that get I'll keep going. We'll have to see what happens in the coming weeks.