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Monthly Art Trade banner
Monthly Art Trade banner

It is December and a new art trade cycle begins! Sign Ups are now open and ends on December 7th, 2023. For PREVIOUS MONTH participants that have yet to turn in their part have until Thursday of this week to submit!

As for the theme for this month: As we go into the colder season (or hot if you're on the Southern Hemisphere) we also get closer to the longer holidays, so this month’s theme is Bliss. This time of year is often associated if not with happiness and indulgence, with nostalgia for joy from a time long past. Illustrate the character on how they would look like if they received a gift they wanted or weren't expecting, reminded of a memory they hold dear, or any similar scenarios! It doesn't have to be related to Christmas, New Years or any celebration, and if you also do not want your character associated with any celebrations, please update your character's profile info before the cycle starts.


Added quite a few more changes!

Next the Main Role Change channel, where after a certain period of time, the New Member role gets removed and you will be able to see this new channel. I have changed it from a reaction role to a Custom Command one so that it is easier for the user and the bot to follow up on what needs to be done next! I don't think anyone has used it yet, but if you encounter any issues let me know!

I have also slightly changed the Verification process slightly. Instead of submitting links, images, etc on a separate channel, potential members can now just send a message on the same channel that appears after reacting to a role on the Choose Main Role channel. I intended to create a ticket system, but in the attempt to not pay Premium, it felt too constricted and let it be with whatever I am able to do without it.

Buyer and Seller roles are coming soon! There were some things I wanted implemented first, but the bots have no info on their docs on the things I wanted. So I'll need to do them manually and hope I don't get overwhelmed. Other miscellaneous things were added during November:

  • Cycle badges and soon an announcement for the artists that have continuously participated in art trades for 3 months!

  • Moved around and added a few channels - a Server Map, Server Suggestions, a revamped Faq, and About channels. Tempted to add the Art Requests this month.

  • Along with the new roles, I'll be adding their respective channels too soon.

Join the Discord to participate and if you have already joined but still new, please go through the General Rules channel for guidance.


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