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Monthly Art Trade banner
Monthly Art Trade banner

It is the first day of November and a new art trade cycle begins! Sign Ups are now open and ends on the 7th. With the continued changing of season and colors, and maybe an hour extra of sleep, this month's theme is MARIGOLD. Create an interesting scene, interaction or portrait showing off the best of the character in contrast to this warmly bright flower.


Last month I was only able to implement a few things, the main one thing being a new role and a simple Main Role change system. The Casual Member role - a role for those that don't want actively want to participate in art trading and dwell within the community. The only thing about this role is that if you are consistently inactive for a long period of time as well as with New Members and Pending assigned members, your role will be stripped to what's called the Snooze role - symbolized by the 💤 emoji. I have yet to decide how long people can stay inactive, but I'm still only manually looking through people's join date and activeness as I haven’t been able to set up the bot to work properly. In any case, I'm hoping to add the 'Buyer' and 'Seller' roles during Thanksgiving break, so if you want to keep getting updates you can join as a Casual Member in the meantime!

Next it's the Main Role Change channel, where after being a New Member after a certain period of time, that role gets removed and you will be able to see this new channel. This is to prevent people from hopping around carelessly after already getting their Main Role approved. I might need to change the way the Verification process works, but with how small the member size is it should be fine.... I hope....

I have also slightly changed the Verification process slightly. Instead of submitting links, images, etc on a separate channel, potential members can now just send a message on the same channel that appears after reacting to a role on the Choose Main Role channel. I intended to create a ticket system, but in the attempt to not pay Premium, it felt too constricted and let it be with whatever I am able to do without it.

Join the Discord and if you have already joined but still new, please go through the General Rules channel for guidance.

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