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Monthly Art Trade banner
Monthly Art Trade banner

It is the first day of October and a new art trade cycle begins! Sign Ups are now open and ends on the 7th. For September's cycle participants, you still have time to turn in your artwork until the 8th before midnight PST. In spirit of the Fall season and changing to a chillier whether, this month's theme is CANDLE. Will it be used to mourn? What about for a circus act? Or as your only light source in a survival situation? Use this word in a creative way with a character or in a scenario where they are handling this item.

If you are new to the server or have any questions, please DM or ping me through the server! There are a few steps to follow in order to see the rest of the server and while there are a lot of things that aren't finished, a lot of channels are intentionally hidden. It's just the easiest way to manage it until I get more help or automated systems in place.


Last month I was able to finally add a list of Self-Roles, mainly focusing on artists and what they do. I'm hoping to tidy up the Casual Member role for less active users this month, and finally add the seller role (for commissions), buyer role, and related channels between this month and December. While I have seen interest to apply for these roles, it is simply not ready. You can also join for the October cycle and following cycles through this list, at the very end will be a reaction emoji with the following month available.

On top of that, I can add people's Twitch and Youtube channels to the bot to auto-post on the Artstream channel. You don't have to exclusively stream art, but you must do at least 25% of the time to be added to the Artstream channel. I will need to create a form of some kind, for those interested to add their own information. I'm also considering to add a Videos channel, but that will be for future once we have a lot more artists that are content creators!

As for new additions the Guidelines channel has new modifications, as I'm still trying to find the best way to explain how things work as well as find an easier way to keep maintenance and tracking low. There is also a new role under Specialty - Multimedia symbolized with the piñata emoji show on the left.

I have also noticed a trend of people joining and leaving within the first hour of doing so. Not sure if that's just how people on Discord act - first glance and if empty they leave - but it's understandable since I haven't posted a lot of anything on the Common Area channels. It's also a mix of there aren't enough people and members that just haven't interacted with anyone. Will need to figure out this new way to retain passerbys, as it's absolutely different from dA but still make it easier for one person to manage.

More details once you join the Discord and if you have already joined but still new, please go through the General Rules channel for guidance to access the rest of server.


If you like to watch artstreams, you can watch my comic coloring process, commission illustrations and more by visiting my Twitch at 3pm PST Fridays for art sessions where I show the learning coloring process of the comic (and passive sneak peaks to the future chapters). Usually, the Powers Squared team streams their podcasts later in the day at 6pm, like today! Come by and say hi!


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