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General news and updates.


It's me again, being unnecessarily sleep deprived cuz anxiousness... I just placed my 2 week notice for the job I've been on board for 3 years and it's kinda exciting to finally leave and kinda sad to leave a part of what I'm so used to... but gotta get used to stuff like that at this point...

Anyway, I was working on an easier way to keep track of this deviantArt journal so I don't have to keep going up to my bunk onto my computer to update every individual entry. While most main files HAVE to be done on the computer as the processor of even a tablet can handle that much info in an excel file, I'm trying to make it bite size for both phone and tablet load capability. In the process and currently, I'm experimenting and extending it to other things. As you can see on the main page or login page, I also wanted to feature those who have bought/traded for codes and for commissioning me. It looks ugly, but the best I can muster that my phone can handle at the moment. I found a way to auto update entries into my Google calendar (I think) so hopefully I can stay atop of things for right now.

So for now, Featured people will be based on what is listed on the journal, while commissioning me will also depend but since it's mostly dA related sketches, they're going to be 30 days per commission until I change the price. related things will be a month to 9 months depending on how many people trade.

That's the last update until I'm able to upload the rest of the sketch commissions that are already done, and finish the final ones on the list.

#kotext #koyukikuroya

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