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About Cameras for Livestreaming

Any tips or suggestions about which cams to get close up shots for drawing? Preferably chargeable while still on or lasting recording time longer than 30 minutes before it auto shuts off. Is there a way with a Canon Rebel T6 (can borrow)?

I've been trying with a Logitech c200 and Lumix DMC‑TS20, neither can zoom in with a clear enough image. I would consider just figuring out a way to do it with the Lumix, record it and then uploading but then that itself is a hassle where I have to time myself before auto shutting off or how much battery it has left. Atop of that, the space I use is shared despite that it's my own so my stuff isn't ever going to be in the same place and need it to zoom from a distance so that no one bumps their head into it.

Thinking of getting the Logitech C920 just to temporarily save myself a headache to look up the specific features I'm looking for, but hopefully can get something without a blur or auto shut off.

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