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Not really. I just say fixed cuz I found the problem to the first phone I bought about a month ago, a Kyocera Rise through the Virgin Mobile website. It was about the battery situation that when using the physical keyboard or simply tapping it it would shut off and wouldn't turn on unless I probe with the charger.

Thanks to Target's Black Friday special of 30$, my Mom wanted me to buy one for her after she had seen I bought a second one through the same offer and that it worked the simple tasks she wanted. I found out that my Mom's phone had the same problem as that first one I had bought.

For sure I'm not the only one who figured why this happened, but I've seen so many reviews with the same type of phone (slide-out keyboard was the kind I was specifically looking for) and most mentioned the turning-off-even-if-charged-and-probing-with-charger problem, but no one provided an explanation as to why other than it might be the battery could be damaged or the phone itself didn't work.

It was due to the battery's chamber not being tight Enough so that it can stay in place when the keyboard is used or the phone gets tapped, hence it turning off (I could also very slightly move it side to side which it shouldn't!). I figured this out when I took off the sticker thing off the battery to my second Kyocera Rise and the sticker's glue stayed on the battery though the phone works perfectly, yet that first phone and my Mom's phone kept turning off as I used it's keyboard. I figured that it must have been because of the battery moving, so in my Mom's phone I put a piece of folded paper from corner to corner at the opposite of the contact end to tightened the space, and it works perfectly now! Although I don't know if that concerns my Mom but she still has a month before deciding to return it so that's up to her.

Hope this helps people and that Virgin Mobile/ Sprint fixes this on this phone and other slide keyboard phones!

Why I bothered to keep trying to buy this phone? Cuz I love how it is, it's just that damn type of malfunction that would have become that infinite hatred to today's technology. That hatred still persists, but that's the world of business, and another story.

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