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Monthly Art Trade banner
Monthly Art Trade banner

It is first day of September and a new art trade cycle begins! Sign Ups are open now for September! Sign Up period ends on the 7th to give more time over the weekend. This month's theme is CARDS , are these cards used for a magic trick illusion? Hype for a TCG move? OR is it referencing CardCaptor Sakura?

Currently fixing the joining the process as it's a bit confusing but DM me or send a message in general chat for any questions as I'm really a Discord noob. There is still a lot of room for artists to join, we accept anyone from aspiring artists as well as artists with different art styles. Do not be afraid to ask questions, please ask them over there or DM me.

Kind of sick today, so once this is posted I don't know if I'll still be active online for the rest of the day! More details once you join the Discord and choose the M.A.T. Artist role to participate! If you are new, please got through General Rules for guidance.


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