Regular Commission:

Guide & ToS


1. Confirm order, provide references & brief.

2. Sketches, make any amount of changes.

3. Price & timeframe based on complexity of commission.

4. Must be paid before continuing, no exceptions.

5. Watermarked WIPs provided for a few tweaks.

6. Final artwork PNG completed within timeframe & sent through email,, or any other agreed method.


  • All prices are based on the US dollar. 

  • For Regular Commissions, I will only accept Ko-Fi or Paypal.

  • Please read through Definitions for a better understanding the use of unfamiliar terms and thorough explanations.

  • There is also a list of Art Related questions.




  • FINAL TOTAL is Sketch/Line/Render Details + Additional = TOTAL x number of characters = FINAL TOTAL, per image.

  • Patreon, Ko-Fi or Paypal for Regular Commissions and anything similar, US dollar currency. For any other method, I must already have an active account and you must calculate the currency conversion.

  • Pay in full in order to continue past the sketch stage. Otherwise, you'll be on a waiting list until then. No exceptions.

  • If you try any of the following, your commission will be dismissed:

    • Trades that are not currency, unless agreed otherwise!



  • I prefer E-mail at to communicate as it is easy access and easier to keep track of.

  • You can also send me a message through Discord, Twitter or Ko-Fi and let me know that you want to commission me. 




  • Once you communicate to me what you'd like, I'll sketch it. At this stage, you can make as many modifications to the piece. You can pay once you decide to approve of any of the sketches as your commission.

  • Once payment has been sent and processed, the time for me to work on it starts. Timeframe will be provided, length of timeframe will depend on complexity. 

  • Any big modifications after the sketching stage will be charged extra!

  • Final product will be unwatermarked A5 300 dpi PNG transparent background.

  • Final product will be uploaded after its completion is agreed upon. From that point on, I will not work on said piece anymore.




  • Do say before starting the commission if you don't want your commission to be public.

  • Watermarked illustrations will remain public, any other related images and unwatermarked final version will be given to you.

  • If you want to keep track of your commission, please let me know to send you a link to the online folder where I will upload your samples ( This is especially helpful to those that can't be online all the time and can check at a glance or for those that would like updates without the interaction. Do not share this link as there is no way to hide or lock it unless completely taken down.

Whenever there is a diamond (♦) art reward, it will only be provided only when you ask for it within the month you are subscribed. It is considered an art request. Please review the previous sections above to see how to proceed with asking and follow-up, and the agreeing terms below.

  • Count this like a ticket valid in the month your payment(s) has processed and expires at the end of the month. This is for me to not get overwhelmed if I get too busy and someone decides to redeem months of rewards all at once.

  • Donations, bits and whatever else that is not for paid Subscription do not grant you access to these rewards. You need to be a paid Subscriber.

  • The higher the tier, the more things you can ask for (color, type of shading, line style). You can also downgrade, or choose Waist or Bust framing, if you have something specific in mind.

  • Being in a higher tier does not give you multiple art requests. For example, being a Yeizhua Tier you can't ask for an Akapom sketch request AND a Yeizhua outline request - you can only choose one or the other.


These are solely based on earnings on any one platform through memberships. With each goal reached once, there will be a poll with member choices (that is not already a goal reward) that everyone can vote on to add as additional rewards to tiers.

  • Reaching and maintaining each goal will add more perks for all tiers throughout all platforms. If at any point the amount goes under any goal reached, those Goal perks will be discontinued until it is reached again. Example: If it used to be $60 but now it is $45, the $50 Goal perks of making chibi icons will stop being a perk until it goes above $50 again.

  • Donations, bits and whatever else that is not for paid Subscription do not grant you access to these rewards. You need to be a paid Subscriber in order for it to count towards the goal.

  • A goal needs to be reached on a single platform - a $27 sub on Ko-fi and a $30-ish total subs on Twitch will not count as a $50 Goal reach. However, once the goal is reached it will count for all tiers regardless of platform.

  • Rewards like Comics, Art Projects and Original Files rewards will be provided through posts on this website only, and can only grant your access if you join and ask for the role.

  • Once the first Sub Goal is reached, the chibi art reward is considered an add-on for all rewards, and does not take away your month art request. If you want a new one or change it, you will need to stay for the next month (post-process) to make you a new one. 



  • Not ask me to not sign it or watermark my work. The only time it will not be signed is commercial use when it is agreed and paid appropriately.

  • Let me watermark all drawings related to the commission/request for sharing online and during the drawing process to avoid unruly use by other people who may see it/access it.

  • I have the right to distribute any related images, links, files where see fit, through paid or unpaid services, watermarked or unwatermarked, by default, unless you say otherwise before I start the commission(s).

  • You may absolutely not use my work for commercial purposes without my consent and appropriate commercial-use payment to me.

  • While I am not one to be easily uncomfortable, I reserve right to refuse commissions that I am not comfortable with. 

  • Freedom to how long I can take to finish within the specified invoice timeframe. To have it done any quicker will be an extra charge of an amount per day less than the timeframe provided.