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Vtuber Profile

Currently in the Works

          At the moment, I'm learning about creating the assets for 2D Vtuber models and rigging. I use a chibi version for my current streaming sessions while I continue the bigger model and prepare the revamp of my Twitch channel. I mostly stream casual gaming but from time to time I do artstreams too.

          Ever since Kizuna Ai popped into my Youtube feed, I was curious with how they animated her model so smoothly. I wanted to attempt something similar since I wanted to engage with my audience but not show my real face or anyone else's in the fear of doxxing. Later on watching a video with the very DIY setup made to make something like that work, I gave up. I did not have the knowledge and skill, and back then the space, to create such a complex DIY setup.

          At this point, I'm in a better place to give this an attempt and very happy that Vtubing became an established hobby over the pandemic. With the support of my friends and push from my artist guildmates, I'm motivated to try again and hopefully create something meaningful.


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