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This story was made from a combination of a friend from Mexico and I: a comic in limbo of me drawing sequentially random events with set cast of character designs, and my friend wanting to create a "serious comic". Serious in quote due to that he wanted to add an action adventure of us and our siblings with a companion talking squirrel and wanted to be a ninja mage... Anyway, moving back to the U.S. right after I have been working solo traditionally on whatever micropens I could get and printer paper.


The world is set on a different planet a lot similar from the Earth. History of territory, prosperity, empires, wars, peace, irremediable destruction, many hidden secrets and knowledge that have been lost - not much different either in these aspects, except one odd happening many decades ago.


In this still traditions-driven planet, a very intricate and massive craft crashed in sacred lands of a village nearby one night. While the heavily suited travelers waited to communicate with their base, fix their ship unsuccessfully and head back home with these new findings, they survived off the resources of the village, offered and sneaked. The travelers were aware with the resources they found and did not reveal where they came from or their plans of return, so the villagers never expected them to come back. After a few years after the “travelers” return to Earth and find a way to transport back and forth, soon enough the Earth inhabitants started to settle intrusively on this new planet. Of course not as quickly as they anticipated since there are supernatural humans and creatures doing their best to fend them off. The Earth resorted to a deadly solution to delay destruction as they continue to expand, exploiting resources and blackmailing to get what they want.

Decades pass and a deep messy history between the City politics and natives rights, the Earth inhabitants have absolute control over who goes into the city and out, specifically leaving genuine natives out in fear of generations seeking revenge. Small wars still continue between the immense prospering City and diverse retaliating natives, but there has been one thing happening for almost a decade - not only exploitation of resources but destruction of entire villages. Most of these have left off wandering children surviving with what they can if they have any before finding any kind hearted help. This is where the Jitaka siblings’ adventures begin.

Progress so far...

2023 - I was able to create a few pages, even some pages and information that I haven't quite released publicly. Unfortunately, not much after I graduated high school, economic circumstance and all. Even now I lack enough time to put everything together due to work and getting a career going. I have been planning on revamping that first chapter with better planning and redesign of characters, but for now this on is on the shelf while I keep looking for commission work. 

If you have interest on this project and you'd like to support, you can like, share, or donate through my main website

| Original work based on an idea of Koyuki Kuroya and Luis Gómez, visual concepts and art by Koyuki Kuroya. Archive of manga in progress, formerly known as Sky Warriors.

Last Edited... 2015-ish?

Sky Warriors

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