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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Not much of an update, but still tiny changes. Some notes will also be explained about my return.

First of all, thank you for staying with me all this time. Which may not be a lot of you but I feel good knowing that some people do have SOME kind of interest in my website XD Anyway, I added a few more images to the gallery that should've been added since Fall last year. Unfortunately, WIX changed too much in their blog settings so I can't really make the post look like a gallery like I used to. So I'm thinking of doing a summary post about what new images are added. Keep a look out on my gallery for these new images as I intend to be a little more active this year.

Images ordered from last to recent.

So now, the only reason why I can even put some effort into fixing the website is that I finally have a full-time job! YAY! It may not be so much of a career like the other jobs in my short working life but at least they somewhat don't just preach what they promise without acting upon it. More accommodating, better chance to move up, etc. that kind of business. So now I know I'm in better hands than in any other job I have had so far. I'm still not earning spectacularly and just discovered we have obligated vacations as per school breaks but it's better than to simply earn part-time plus no chance to anything else. I'll see how this goes, it seems like a "seems too good to be true" kind of situation. I still need a part-time to pay off some bills, but at least this gives me some hope of a better future. I don't know if I should apply for unemployment but I'm planning to hold it off until summer time.

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