Moving out of dA

Welp, it's be a good journey being here and all, but dA has been the least helpful with trying to get official business nowadays (especially with it's shitty HTML constrained into only Journals) so if anything it'll become my last option to post anything. I'll still be active in groups and post... there, but I'm not prioritizing it anymore. While I've been trying to get work from here and self promoting, there really isn't much space for people that want to be paid fairly, like the simple example of .10 cent commissions back then were much popular but now that I changed it to $1 hardly anyone has picked it up. .10 cents hasn't gotten me anywhere... SO I'm gonna start basing my artwork on Patreon and other websites I know I can get people without breaking my wrists looking for interested fair followers and try to get an income out of it. As blunt as it sounds for me to get money out of my work, I love drawing but I have so little time to do it at my own pace and it's such an unreliable income atm to be paying major bills I'm not willing to risk my job and school going all out for a now fruitless passion. Will probably go back to .10 cents but again I won't be as active or responsive, cuz you know, it's just .10 cents.

dA has been my baby and the place I got to know really good artists, but it's not enough to get myself around with my childhood dream. Anyway, that's all for now. Good luck with back to school, everyone.

#kotext #deviantart