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Monthly Art Trade banner
Monthly Art Trade banner

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!Going into 2024 with a late start to this month's art trade cycle! Sign Ups are now open and ends on January 10th, 2023. The deadline to turn in the art will also be pushed to February 2nd to compensate the lost days.

As for the theme for this month: Sunlight - it's a common element used to set the mood of a scenario, for symbolism, and even a practical tool in the creation of art. Illustrate your art trade in a way that uses sunlight, directly or subtly. Remember, themes are optional.


Will be adding more things in the next few weeks, including the Seller and Buyer thing that I have yet to add. Not many other updates for now, as I'm still trying to recover from a cold and just focusing on doing new years cleaning and organizing things this weekend.

Join the Discord to participate and if you have already joined but still new, please go through the General Rules channel for guidance.


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