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Updated: Apr 15


Regular Commissions

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Detailed Guide & ToS

Commission Status


The commissions button on the left side of my page (may need to scroll down a bit). Choose the $1 Sale commission.

DETAILS 1. $1 per character 2. Must pay before start, no exceptions 3. Grayscale coloring for +$5 4. No backgrounds, minimal details if complex 5. For tips/donations, one character for every dollar 6. For those that subscribe, one character per dollar 6. For Regular Commissions, for every character you commission

PROCESS 1. Confirm order, provide references & brief. 2. Sketches, make any amount of changes. 3. Price & timeframe based on complexity of commission. 4. Must be paid before continuing, no exceptions. 5. Watermarked WIPs provided for a few tweaks. 6. Final artwork PNG completed within timeframe & sent through email,, or any other agreed method.