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Updated: 11 hours ago

The red percentage is the amount discounted from my Regular Commission price. The price shown here is the exact price for Emergency Commissions ONLY.

Recently received an bump on bills, so I've been stretched really thin this start of the month. I've also not been able to do overtime since work has been slow. So in order to compensate while I continue looking for a second job, I'll keep this open indefinitely.

Same ToS apply, more here

All of them are automatically fullbody unless otherwise stated

ADDITIONALS pricing stays the same (except soft shade duh)

I'm not too fussy about what I draw, more details here at the bottom here

EDIT: Sorry I didn't explain much, was doing this only on 2hrs of sleep ~(@-<~)

I need to neuter/spay kittens that are under my care in order for them to be eligible for adoption through a rescue project. The organization is currently overwhelmed to take them in and I can't afford their surgeries with my normal income alone. As much as I'd love to keep them, I live in an apartment and they're getting bigger so it's becoming more difficult to keep buying the food and litter they need.

After checking the expenses for 4 females and 1 male, here's what I have:

Female/Spay: $65

Male/Neuter: $50

Found Animals Microchip: $16

E-collar: $5

Antibiotics: $20 – $25

In total it's going to come out to $540. It's going to take a while to gather that money, but it will certainly help with rehoming the kittens. Any bit helps, through this, donation or subscribing!

1. USD only.

2. All automatically fullbody, unless specified. Asking waist or bust will not reduce the price.

3. Price is per character, so it will be $100 for two characters.

4. Anything not part of the EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS image stays the same price.

5. I will only do anime styled illustrations for this. Anything else is regular price or by quote.

6. Paypal or Ko-Fi only, no exceptions

You can commission me on Ko-fi or Paypal! If you want to do it through deviantArt, the prices are adjusted as close to the original price to compensate for dA's 20% fee.