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General news and updates.

Chevtober & other updates

Hello! So we all know what happened with the Inktober guy wanting to copyright words and making a book telling what every art student literally does for homework. In light of it, my art friends from a gaming guild created a similar list of terms based on Mabinogi called Chevtober! I'll be drawing everyday for sure, however I won't be posting everyday due to wix not having a practical customizable way to upload images from my phone. That being said, I've been streaming almost everyday to get it done this time ; .; I'll also complete some of the sketches I draw into fully realized illustrations, and post all with process images right here and on my Discord's wip-art channel. I'll try to finish up commissions and the long overdue art trade as much as I can after exams </3

I'll also finally be writing up an update soon for Patreon as I was supposed to continue, but due to uneventful-ness and then busy-ness it got abandoned for a later time. I'll also be adding a custom icon for Patrons subscribed to Agimi and higher as well as any equivalent like subscribing to my website or Twitch donations to better recognize contribution. If I ever upload any videos on Youtube and such I'll make sure to add the icons on the end credits too. Alas, forever a list of unfinished things, but at least I'm enjoying the way things have panned out so far. Since I left my previous part time, was furloughed from my full-time, moved out and the Rona hit, it seems like my way of living has been much more meaningful than just laying in bed all day surfing the internet while never feeling comfortable in my makeshift toast of a bed on the floor.

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