General things about me, how I do things, how and why I do it.

Call me Koyuki, Xiao or however you met me by! I used to draw a lot when I had more free time, but now do it very passively mainly due to lack of time and energy. I started out doing traditional art using paper, pencil and sometimes pen. Now I migrated to doing digital art as it is easier as a person who has spent more time out of my home doing physically active jobs.

Currently trying my hand into making Vtuber avatars and really want to delve into 3D sculpting and animation. All with time, whenever I get to upgrade and be able to stream it.



Refer to these only. Any other socials with my similarity are just that, similar but not me.





While there is a general understanding, the terms listed are for those unfamiliar with their use in art, and those interested in learning more what they mean in this context & in my website. 

Figures: Refers to the number of characters or versions of the characters (same character with different hairstyles, varying sets of clothing, poses like for characters sheets, etc). 


Sketch: Rough edges and generalized details (i.e. leaves on trees not detailed, lines not clean, guiding lines not tidied up).


Lineart: Outline, inking or line drawing ("coloring book") with no gradient shadow, crosshatching, or dotting details.


Flat/ Flat Colors: A drawing filled with flat colors. Shadows & highlights are not included! This is great for things like simplified PFP, chibi, and cartoon illustrations.


Cell ShadingIllustration with defining solid shadow & lighting details added. Think of the kind of shading & lighting usually used in anime and cartoons. 


Soft ShadingColor illustration with soft gradient shadow and lighting added. Line may or may not be even to adapt to the painterly style. 


Accentuated LineartThe thickening & thinning of lines throughout the character or illustration, emphasizing depth and/or movement.


Per Big Mod: Short for 'for every major modification', it refers to paying an extra fee for requesting significant changes or reworking a considerable portion of the commission.


Higher Resolution: Simply higher resolution atop of the regular resolution for my commissions, anything higher than 2k x 2k pixels 300dpi. 


Original File: The PSD, PTSai, MediBang, or whichever format file the artwork has been created and/or worked on. 


Chara Ref Sheet: Reference Sheet showing your character's physical profile or details from various angles. Price is based on the details you want on the sheet. Example, a front shot, 3/4ths, and back shot of the whole character plus one head drawing defining details counts as 3 fullbodies and a bust. 


Background: More than simple shapes and solid colors, it is a setting behind the subject of the illustration.


ASAP: Short for As Soon As Possible, you must pay this fee before I start your commission if you need it in less time than stated for each type of artwork.

Traditional: Referring to pencil-and-paper illustration as opposed digital. Also referred to analog art, it is any art made through a physical medium with one or more materials.


Request: Usually free, work without return like a gift. Requests are not to be confused with commission and I do not do requests. 


Commission: Paid work specified by buyer. Regular Commissions only, unless agreed otherwise. 


Donations: Money which is given to a person or a cause. If you donate through Patreon or Ko-Fi, you will be featured in various places for a month since your donation. 



Ecchi: Japanese term usually used for anything sexually suggestive, often interchangeable with soft core porn or to describe something is borderline sexual.



Use the socials, they are there for a reason.



General things about my art.

1) Is there anything you wouldn’t draw?
A: What I most likely will not do is any extreme fetishes and excessively graphic gory scenes as I don't have practice with either.

2) Why do you have a Patreon & Ko-Fi?

A: That way I know what people are interested in and I can work towards their completion. Also more options for people to pay on if they don't have the other. 

3) Do you support NFTs?

A: While I had hope for it, no I do not support it in its current state of environmental harm as well as platforms involved in it taking effective action to mitigate scamming and malpractice. It's not possible to eliminate such things completely, but these platforms has made it an absolute nightmare for smaller artists.

4) Do you support AI art?

A: As much faith as I have with NFTs - every good intention has a sinister under-belly from "business" people. After seeing many an asinine defending argument to AI art on Twitter and sites like DeviantArt, I am wholeheartedly against the rampant and unethical creation of AI art.



General questions about commissions. If your question is not answered here, send me a DM!

1) Can I pay you not-Ko-Fi?
A: You can, but I would prefer Ko-Fi OR Paypal, as the platform does not steal a cut.

2) Do you accept art/in-game currency/items as a form of payment?

A: No.


3) Have any open commission slots?

A: Check my Ko-Fi or Twitter for that info please~

4) Can I keep my commission/ request private?

A: Of course! Do say so from the beginning of your order to avoid any confusions along the way. 



DOs and DONTs with my art.

1) Can I share your artwork/posts?

A: Link AND credit on the post NOT COMMENT SECTION, or don't bother.

I don't appreciate people sharing artist's work without a name (even if their work has been signed, many times just initials or a common word) or a link, I also don't appreciate people doing the same to mine.

2) Can I use your art for features/examples?

A: Yes you can as long as you tag me on it, or message me the link to where you used it on and abiding by my previous point, where ever you post it.

3) Can I draw & post fanart of your work?

A: Yes you can as long as you tag me on it, or message me with your artwork and abiding by my first point, where ever you post it.

4) Can I use your art as reference?

A: Yes you can as long as you abide by my first point.

5) How about selling your artwork?

A: Unless you commissioned for commercial-use/requested the artwork/character AND I agreed that the piece was intended for that purpose, you absolutely cannot sell any of my artwork for commercial purposes or your own financial gain. If you see someone other the socials shown in this page selling my artwork or distributing it with the intention to sell a product, I would really appreciate it if you notify me.



Send me a DM through my socials above anytime!