Q: Can I ask you about your older artwork?
A: My Work (2008 - pre-Eclipse): . How I Work: . Commission Prices: . Where to pay:  .

I have most on deviantArt but have a good chunk stored and some more recent activity on this website. However, ever since the site-wide enforcement of Eclipse I have not been active on deviantArt so my website, Twitter and Ko-Fi will be my most up-to-date places. Anything past the current months and future bigger work will be available for higher tiers only.

Q: Do you stream?

A: I do - sometimes drawing, sometimes video games, will always chat.

Q: How can I reach you?

A: You can reach me through many means but for reliably, most immediate measure, join the Discord and message me there :D




To not overwhelm my commission rules page + add more things

Figures: Refers to the number of characters or versions of the characters (same character with different hairstyles, varying sets of clothing, poses like for characters sheets, etc). 


Sketch: Rough edges and generalized details (i.e. leaves on trees not detailed, lines not clean, guiding lines not cleaned).


Lineart: Even outline, inking or line drawing ("color book" line art) with no gradient shadow, crosshatching, or dotting details.


Flat: Even outline, inking or line drawing with flat color coloring. Shadows and highlights are not included! This is great for thing like simplified PFP, chibi, and cartoon drawings.


Cell ShadeIllustration with even outline, inking or line drawing with defining solid shadow and light coloring added. Think of the kind of shading and lighting usually used in anime. 


Soft ShadeColor illustration with soft gradient shadow and lighting added. Line may or may not be even to adapt to the painterly style. 


Accentuated LineartThe thickening and thinning of lines throughout the character or illustration, emphasizing depth and/or movement.


Per Big Mod: Short for 'for every major modification', it refers to a paying an extra fee for requesting significant changes or reworking a considerable portion of the commission, past the Sketch phase.


Higher Resolution: Simply higher resolution atop of the regular resolution for my commissions, anything higher than 2k x 2k pixels 300dpi. 


Original File: The PSD, PTSai, MediBang, or whichever format file the artwork has been created and/or worked on. 


Chara Ref Sheet: Reference Sheet showing your character's physical profile or details. Price is based on the details you want on the sheet. Example, a front shot, 3/4ths, and back shot of the whole character plus one head drawing defining details counts as 3 fullbodies and a bust. 


Background: More than simple shapes and colors for background. 


ASAP: Short for As Soon As Possible, you must pay this fee before I start your commission if you need it in less than 3 days for Sketch(es), less than 5 days for Line, and so on. The amount increases exponentially by the deadline - days you want it done.

  • Sketch: Up to 3 days​

  • Outline: Up to 5 days

  • Flat Color: Up to 7 days

  • Cell Shaded: Up to 14 days

    • Anything in ​ALTERNATES will take up between 7 to 21 additional days

  • If you want it finished sooner than the timeframes shown above, it will be extra per day and I will not change my deadline until paid specifically for this. 

  • Background: 7 additional days

  • Big Modification: 7 additional days

Traditional: Referring to pencil-and-paper illustration as opposed digital. Can also be colored pencils, watercolor and inking.


Request: Usually free, work without return like a gift. Requests are not to be confused with commission and I do not do requests. 


Commission: Paid work specified by buyer. Regular Commissions only, unless agreed otherwise. 


Donations: Money which is given to a person or a cause. If you donate through Patreon or Ko-Fi, you will be featured in various places for a month since your donation. 



Ecchi: Japanese term usually used for anything sexually suggestive, often interchangeable with soft core porn or to describe something is borderline sexual.