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Exposure Project

This is to keep track of who's active to keep the group's gallery folders updated and clean to create folders for new members.

This is only for what I, Koyuki Kuroya, manage within Exposure Project.

SUBMITTED COLUMN: Deviation submitted to Exposure Project's Gallery.

  • Green: Active and updating.

  • Orange: Moderately active.

  • Yellow: Occasionally active.

  • Red: In danger of losing folder due to insufficient activity.

  • Red, no text: Due to eliminate folder, no response/insufficient activity.

UPLOAD COLUMN: Deviation must have a date within a month of uploading to dA.Status:

  • Green: Active and updating, in good standing.

  • Orange: Moderately active, in good standing.

  • Yellow: Occasionally active, still in good standing.

  • Red: Nearly two months inactive, this is a warning!

  • White: Restricted from some features managed by Koyuki Kuroya until there's more activity by submitting 5 recently uploaded deviations.

CLEARED: Indicates about activity. Red means you need to be more active in your own folder. White means you need to submit 5 recent pieces dated this month to participate in any activities managed by Koyuki Kuroya. Your folder will be pushed at the bottom of the gallery list for the remainder of the month and eliminated if there's no response by the end of the month..

Time of calculation is within two months, color highlights are automatically changed every two weeks.
Folder due to be eliminated will be at the end of the month.

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