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Chev's OCtober 01 - Intro!

OC-tober 2022
October 1, 2022
First entry for this years OCtober! Introducing my in-game character with it's initial vision of what she'd look like, a red head Fighter. Just call me Xiao!

At first, the hairstyle she sports in this image was the only one I had until I was able to afford wigs, specifically Avelin's. The outfit I sported before the Battle School was the Magus Crest. Obviously went with the one with animation XD I do have other outfits, but I'm very picky based on occasion since Mabi is not known for it's lack of clipping and weird contortions at any given moment e-e

As for my name, Xiaomao133 is a mix of things from different points of the timeline...
- Xiaomao used to be a name adopted from another red headed OC created on the now retired TinierMe. It was an attempt of a story that really didn't go anywhere. While Xiaomao in Chinese is little cat or kitten, it was actually a nickname to her full name - Mao Kokonoe. I don't have the Kanji anymore so I'm not sure on the meaning, but I think it was mainly an excuse to create more names for myself and in the end never really used it for more than a gaming alias.
- The suffix number 133 was from a very old "smart" 12 year old me to calculate numbers significant to me, however nonsensical and scuffed it was. It was mainly an excuse to use the Pokémon Eevee's pokedex number, because did and always will love the idea surrounding their design <3

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