1 Year Core Raffle

Cuz I still use the 'Dinosaur' site, I'm doing it here in the case something is still going amiss between dA's themes I haven't tested yet.

As the year is ending better than I ever expected, I decided to do a 1 year Core giveaway! This is the first time I do this, so I will be doing a raffle spanning from today till the end of the year to keep it simple. So the Core will be given on the 1st of January. Additionally, I will be giving away four 100pt prizes too! If this raffle is successful, I'll be doing more in the future.

How to Participate?
All you really need to do is fav this journal to enter. For any of the additional entries, comment on the journal with a list of entries you did, links included. You must keep what you did up until the end of the raffle for it to count.

• Your account must be at least a year old
• Your account must have at least 10 deviations
• You must be a watcher before Dec 22th

• Fav this journal

Additional Entries
• [+1] Make a journal regarding this one through your profile.
• [+1] Share this journal as a group journal. Submitting into Gallery doesn't count.
• [+1] Comment something nice on one person's profile (mind their page rules).
• [+1] Add the phrase "Happy New Year" at the end of your comment. 

• [+1] Tag a friend, one entry for each tagged person.

Determining Winners

I will be submitting the entries in an excel, the participants' name times the number of entries submitted by them. Each row will have a number and that number will be the drawing number I will use to determine the winner by using the Random app.

Raffle Ends
December 31st 11:55pm PST